• Customer Service Award Nomination

    Have you experienced exceptional customer service in Jamestown? Good customer service is critical to the success of any organization. It guarantees customer loyalty and promotes business in the community. The Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce honors individuals who demonstrate a consistent commitment to delivering products, services and/or information that satisfies customers by exceeding their expectations. If someone has gone the extra mile and put forth a special effort on your behalf, or if you witnessed someone else receiving outstanding service, let us know!
    Complete the form below and help us thank the people who make Jamestown businesses prosper.
    Nomination forms are also available in our weekly e-newsletter and at the Jamestown Chamber at 120 2nd St. SE, Jamestown, ND.

    Please remember that Customer Service should be recognized for EVERY business - not just the retail sector.

    Please DO NOT submit a nomination if you are the employer or co-worker of the individual. Thank you.
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