• Chamber  Committees

  • Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce committees are comprised of volunteer members that are continuously working to improve Jamestown and shape its future. Through committee involvement, chamber members have the opportunity to effect change in areas specific to their business, and to make important business contacts. These committees give you a seat at the table to engage with community leaders, learn from your peers, and gain visibility with potential customers. Committee involvement is a very effective way to establish yourself as a community leader and create lasting connections with other business leaders while working towards common goals.

    The Jamestown Area Chamber currently has 5 active committees: Ag & Energy, Ambassadors, Beautification, Local Regional, and the Young Professionals of Jamestown. If you are interested in joining a Chamber committee, contact the Chamber office. A Chamber staff member can help you find the committee that is right for you.

    To join Chamber committees, you must be a Chamber member representative in good standing.


    Promoting and enhancing good relations between the farm & energy industries and the community is this committee’s main goal. This committee is vital to our chamber as they help us keep in tune with the two largest industries in North Dakota. The committee is involved in hosting the Farmer’s Appreciation Banquet, the Ag Energy Luncheon, the 4-H Breakfast, farm tours, informational panels and other ag and energy related events.  They meet the first Friday of each month at 8:15 am.

    The Ag Energy Committee hosting an Expert panel on Trades and Tarriffs and how they effect the Agricultural Industry in our Area. 



    This committee is known as the “public relations” arm of the Chamber and is comprised of friendly, outgoing people whose main responsibility is to get to know the members of the Chamber, and spread the good news of the work that the Chamber is doing. Ambassadors are involved in a lot of events including ribbon cuttings, customer service award presentations, business of the month award presentations, Welcome to Jamestown program, S.T.I.R. events, Cash Mobs, monthly and random member visits and more!  They meet the first Thursday each month at noon.

    The Ambassador committee celebrates with ND Farmer's Union at their Ground Breaking ceremony for their new camp facility. 



    Individuals involved in this committee strive for a clean and attractive community throughout the year.  The committee is involved in tree plantings, the Sensory Garden, as well as working with community service groups on community mowing and cleanup. They meet the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00 am.

    The Beautification Committee, along with their project partners, received an award from the Freedom Resource Center for their collaborative work on the Sensory Garden. 



    Individuals and businesses gather to encourage the Chamber membership to have a greater participation and understanding in the legislative process and local elections, and to act as an advocate for chamber businesses.  Their goal is to have active, responsible involvement in governmental affairs and community issues.  Activities include promoting awareness of issues that affect Chamber members and the community; hosting public candidate and legislative forums; and informing the community about issues on the ballot and encouraging more voter participation. 

    The Local Regional Committee provides voting education and hosts candidate forums for electoral races. 



    This is the newest Chamber committee being established in September of 2021. The committee's goal is to promote and enhance the resources available to our community in regards to helping with work force challenges. The committee has determined 3 areas of focus to help the community address these challenges: Educational Programs & ties to local businesses, housing shortages, and community image. 

    This committee has already been active in promoting internships and internship programs for area businesses.

     The Work Force Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 9am at the Chamber. 



    This committee is for young professionals, who are looking to make a better connection with each other and the community. “Young”, to some, means age, but this group does not have an age limit. The Young Professionals of Jamestown (YPJ) are dedicated to professional, civic and social growth in Jamestown and the region. Their membership is encouraged to attend events such as trainings, social events and leadership development opportunities, which are hosted by the committee. This group has been instrumental in bringing professional development opportunities to the Jamestown area. They meet the second Wednesday of each month at Noon.