• Dispatch/Plant Clerk

    Job Description
    Performs required work in connection with the record keeping, inventory control, and routing of trouble tickets/service orders/locates as pertains to telecommunications plant and subscriber services. Reporting location, assigned department and supervisor are subject to company needs determined by management. Essential Duties and Responsibilities ·Shall assign, process and maintain a current list of all service orders, work orders, and job orders in progress. ·Shall be responsible for the maintenance of: (a) cable records for each exchange, (b) current outside plant staking sheet records, (c) current mapping and diagrams documenting Dakota Central’s fiber plant. ·Answers customer service repair calls and investigates trouble reports on voice, video and data. ·Tests and dispatches trouble reports to ensure service is restored to the satisfaction of the customer. ·Assigns equipment or plant facilities to complete service orders or trouble tickets. ·Assign service orders, trouble tickets, cable locates and other miscellaneous tasks to the proper personnel. ·Ensures fulfillment of orders and trouble clearing and notifies Billing of installations, disconnects and other changes affecting customer billing records. ·Purchase materials and supplies for the outside plant, check incoming shipment against orders and price lists, verifies items received against purchase orders and reports any discrepancies. Processes equipment for warranty and returns. ·Operates equipment to unload and move materials and supplies as needed. ·Provides exceptional customer service to all customers, external and internal. ·Make changes in residential and business voice, data and IPTV services in the necessary provisioning software. ·Maintains a neat and clean material storage area, issues equipment and supplies to authorized personnel, keeps and maintains accurate records on all warehouse material. ·Track material and equipment charge outs, as well as materials returned to inventory. ·Maintains a perpetual physical inventory of all supplies and equipment used by the Plant Department. ·Assist Accounting Department in the scheduled quarterly and annual inventory control. ·Shall maintain a vehicle and work equipment maintenance and inspection schedule ·Reads, interprets and updates maps, staking sheets, and cut sheets. ·Updates plant records including customer premise equipment and other facilities management records. ·Maintains strict confidentiality in all areas of company business in accordance with company guidelines and policies. ·Performs On-Call duty when implemented and assigned by the Company. ·Participates in company and industry training to maintain up-to-date knowledge of current technologies. ·Proficient knowledge of Company products/services, policies and procedures. ·Promotes the sale of Company products, services, and features and educates customers on the use of equipment. ·Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by management.*
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